Celebrity Tributes To Junaid Jamshed

A truly loved and admired person from most across the country!

On the eve of 7th December 2016, Pakistan Airlines flight PK-661 crashed on its way back from Chitral to Islamabad.

This tragic event resulted in the death of 31 men, 9 women and 2 infants onboard.

Pakistani icon, a former singer, designer, preacher, occasional actor and televangelist Junaid Jamshed was also on the flight along with his Wife.

Junaid Jamshed considered a legend and an inspiration for many people in Pakistan, led the nation mourning.

The heart-broken people and celebrities were in shock and turned to social media to express their grief and offer condolences to late Junaid Jamshed’s family.

People from all over the world also tweeted and posted Facebook statuses about him.

A series of tributes poured in from celebrities in form of videos, tweets and Facebook posts.

Below is a collection of heartfelt tributes by celebrities of Pakistan.

Video Tributes


Shaukat Khanam Memorial Hospital

Farooq Qaiser (Uncle Sargam)

Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi)

Abbas Ali Khan

Social Media Tributes







Junaid Jamshed may have passed away, but his legacy will live on forever. Pakistan will never forget his contributions to the country.



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