An Azerbaijani Artist Wrote The Quran On Silk And It Turned Out To Be Amazing

Tunzale Memmedzade has done what no one has ever done. The 33-year-old decorative artist from Azerbaijan has written the complete Quran on pages made out of thin black silk.

Memmedzade used 50 meters of silk and 1,500 millilitres of silver and gold ink for her project. It took her three years to write the Quran completely.

She wrote the Quran based on the official version which has been published by the Diyanet, The Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs.

Each silk sheet she used measures 29 x 33 cm in dimensions.

Memmedzade decided to write the Quran on silk because of the love she shares for her religion. She also researched and found out that this has never done before.

That became the ultimate motivation for her to become the first person to write the entire holy Quran on silk.

Tunzale has studied art history at Marmara University in Turkey & this is her biggest project to date.

Having completed the project, Memmedzade Thanked Allah for enabling her to finish the project which took three years of hard work.

She has now become the first person in the world to transcribe the Quran on pages made out of silk.

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