Ariel’s New Campaign #WashTheLabel Will Leave You With Life Lessons

Ariel’s new campaign #WashTheLabel speaks directly to judgemental people.

In Pakistan, it seems everyone loves to jump to conclusions without clarifying the details or knowing the background story of anyone.

The campaign by Ariel tells one such story of Kiran, a hard working woman who has a disabled mother to look after.

She takes a day off from the office to serve her mother, but with her, she brings a set of contracts that the company requires.

The director of the company sends out Kiran’s colleague to collect the contracts from Kiran’s residence.

The colleague doesn’t like Kiran due to her rough and harsh attitude. And she hates the fact that she has to come all the way from the office to collect papers from her residence.

But at this point, Kiran’s colleague doesn’t know the true story of Kiran and labels her a ‘Boss ki chamchi’.

Kiran’s annoyed colleague talking to her mother on phone and telling her how much she hates the guts of Kiran
She enters Kiran’s residence and is caught in surprise when she discovers an exquisite residence. At this point, she believes Kiran is reaping the benefits of being close to the boss.
Kiran’s disabled mother overhears her conversation with her mother and hears her saying ‘Boss ki chamchi’
Kiran’s mother calls the colleague and hands over the contract papers and starts to tell the story of her hard working daughter.
Kiran’s mother reveals that she is a hard working woman who has become a bit harsh because she has to look after a disabled person.
Kiran’s colleague realizes her mistake and sheds a tear.
Kiran enters the scene and reveals she would have come to the office but couldn’t because her mother suddenly wasn’t feeling well today.
Embarrassed colleague apologizes to Kiran and her mother for labeling her wrongly.
Kiran’s mother forgives the colleague and tells her to stay over for a cup of tea.
The mother taps the head of the colleague. She is happy that the colleague has learned of her misjudgment and apologized, hoping that she would avoid labeling people in the future.
The ad ends with a message – ‘Labels are Tougher than Stains – #WashTheLabel’