6 Places In Islamabad To Get Awesome Food In Under RS.500

If you’re still a student, chances are that your pockets are rarely able to get you food from a top restaurant in town.

While there are tons of restaurants in Islamabad that offer exquisite food, not all of them fit the budget of a student.

So we went out and found some of the best places in Islamabad that offer food at affordable prices with big portions.

This is really helpful if you’re an exchange student living in Islamabad.

Nagina Burger

We’re gonna start with the most popular roadside burger stall in town.

The Nagina burger, situated in F-10 Markaz just opposite Bodyshop is one of the best roadside burgers you can get.

The burger outlet has been selling burgers for the past 10-15 years.

Their chicken burgers rival the biggest burger chains in Pakistan.

You can get a chicken burger for as low as Rs.150. If you’re feeling extra hungry, order 2 burgers and you’re still under Rs 500!

Najeeb Spot

Speaking of burgers, if you are a fan of the afghani burger, Najeeb spot, which is just opposite Nagina burger and under Outfitters in F-10, has the best to offer.

They have burgers ranging from as low as Rs 90 – Rs 400 depending on how heavy you want your burger to be.

They also deliver your food at your doorstep.

Boom Boom Roll Paratha

Boom Boom Roll Paratha, situated right next to Pizza hut is one of the best roll parathas in town.

Their boom boom roll paratha is so big, you can’t eat it in one sitting.

Top it off with Shah-Jee’s soda right next to the place and you have a perfect meal in just under RS 500.

Mantu Cheese Paratha

Mantu Gul, situated on the right side of Faisal Mosque is a road side Dhaba that specializes in Pizza Parathas.

Their Cheese paratha will make you forget about all the cheese naans around Islamabad.

In just under RS 300, you get a massive 10-12 inches paratha topped with mozzarella cheese. There’s no leakage of cheese, unlike cheese naans.

Top it off with a cup of tea and you’ll have a meal you won’t be able to eat alone.

Savour Palao

Let’s not forget Savour Palao, the king of budget friendly food in Islamabad.

For under RS 200, you basically get a massive plate of palao loaded with a chicken piece and two kebabs. This is basically ‘All you can eat’ version of rice.

Just keep asking for more rice and you’ll keep getting more.

If you’ve got some extra money to spare, ditch the chicken piece they serve with the palao and opt for a freshly made quarter chicken roast piece.

The roast chicken is actually easier to swallow than the piece that comes with the rice.

It is also one of the best places to give your friends a treat on a budget ;).

Located in Blue Area main road. It’s not too hard to find because of its popularity.

Dokka Mocca Panini

Not exactly the best place for a budget friendly meal, but Dokka Mocca offers some of the best food in town.

If you’re in the mood for something cheesy, grab their Crazy Panini.

It’s big, juicy and loaded with tons and tons of melted cheese. All this for under Rs 500.

Located in G-8 Markaz right next to PSO pump near TCS.

Do you have any places of your own to add? Help out your student brethren in the comment section below!