5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Warm Yourself Without A Heater

Pakistani winters can get really harsh during the end of December until the end of January.

This is also the time when gas load shedding is at its peak and there rarely comes a chance where you can sit in front of the heater to warm yourself up.

If you’re suffering from cold shivers and there is no gas to turn a heater up, follow these scientifically proven tips below to keep yourself warm.

1. Layer up

It is quite easy to change your body temperature compared to changing the temperature of the room.

In order to change the temperature of the room, you need to turn up the heater for an hour or so.

But the same doesn’t apply to changing your body temperature.

The best way to raise the temperature of your body is to wear layers of clothing.

Grab 2-3 innerwear and wear them proudly. You should have at least 2 sweaters on and 2-3 tights paired with a couple of socks.

This is guaranteed to raise your body’s temperature.

2. Don’t forget the hat

One of the biggest mistakes is ignoring the importance of wearing a hat and scarf around the neck.

A hat protects your head and ears, one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

Plus it’s scientifically proven if your ears and head are cold, you will feel cold all over your body.

Wear a hat that covers your head and ears properly and top it off with a scarf around your neck.

3. Turn your ceiling fan on


Did you know that ceiling fans can be used in winter to redistribute the warm air that rises on the top?

All you need to do is change the direction of the fan blades so it rotates clockwise instead of anti-clockwise.

When the fan rotates clockwise, it actually pulls the cold air at the bottom, sending warm air to the ground.

There is usually a switch placed on the fan to change its spinning direction.

But, unfortunately in Pakistan, fan companies do not install this switch.

But every fan motor can easily be reversed.

All you need to do is to get in touch with your local electrician and ask him to change the direction the motor of the fan spins.

Then turn your fan on its lowest setting and enjoy the warmth it spreads.

4. Cover the spaces around the door

In order to keep your room or your home warm, you need to make sure no cool air from outside is entering through spaces under the doors.

Most cool air enters your home from the spaces below the doors where there is a significant gap.

Cover these spaces with a heavy fabric that can block cool air. This will help in significantly reducing cool air from entering your home or room.

5. Bake, bake and bake!

You can combine your love for baking with heating your home.

The heat from the oven can help raise the temperature of the surroundings.

The more your bake, the more your house becomes warm.

And if your oven uses up gas, try alternatives like an electric oven.

You can also call in your friends to spend some time with you. The more people in your home, the better the temperature because of everyone’s body heat.