5 Of The Best Ways To Keep Your Anger In Check

Do you always find yourself fuming when someone cuts you off in traffic? Does wrong parking make you want to demolish everything in your sight?

Living in Pakistan is tough and sometimes the best of us can get into an episode of uncontrollable anger.

But it is very important to control your temper if you desire longevity. Anger is associated with many kinds of diseases, especially high blood pressure.

Controlling your temper is tough, without any doubt. But if you try, you can always keep it at bay. Here are 5 hacks to help you control your anger spree.

1. Try practicing some relaxation skills

Deep breathing exercises are great when it comes to relaxing your nervous system. There are tons of videos on YouTube that help with breathing exercises.

You can also listen to your favorite music or read a few pages of a book.

2. Start forgiving people

Forgiveness is one of the strongest tools at your disposal. It will allow you to flush out all the negative feelings and turn them into positivity.

Try forgiving the person who has caused distress in your life, you may both end up realizing your mistakes and move onto a positive relationship.

3. Don’t speak when you are angry

When angry, you can often say things that you will regret later. Try keeping yourself quiet until you have complete control over your feelings. Then express your anger through carefully selected words.

4. Go get some exercise

Did you know exercising can release ‘happy’ hormones in your body? Endorphins, when released in the body, brings about a positive attitude in the way you think.

So go out and take your anger out on weights instead of people.

5. Sit and list down possible solutions

Every problem has a solution. When things get bad, instead of turning into a fiery ball, sit and list down the possible solutions to the problem.

Then try working it out with others in a casual and cool atmosphere.

Starting 2017, give these hacks a shot. We’re quite convinced that these work out in the worst kind of situations.