5 Of The Best Desserts To Have In Islamabad

After a good nights dinner, desserts can top up the experience of the night with immense satisfaction.

Islamabad has tons of places that offer desserts. But finding the right dessert at reasonable prices is hard.

We have collected 5 desserts that are too good not to try without putting a hole in your wallet.

These desserts are both good for winter or summer. So don’t hesitate to try them and let us know what you think.

French Toasts – Chai Khana

Chai Khana’s secret french toast recipe and their signature bread will leave you wanting more. Try their french toast with a cup of doodh patti.

Chai Khana is located in F-6 Markaz near KFC.

Molten Lava Cake – Espresso Lounge Islamabad

Espresso serves the best Molten Lava Cake in town. They top it off with not one, but two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Be sure to have a lot of space in your stomach before you order their cake!

Espresso Lounge is located in the basement of Silver Oaks, opposite McDonalds Fatima Jinnah Park.

Ice Cream Rolls – Guilty Pleasures


Guilty Pleasures is a new dessert cafe in town. They are serving some of the best ice cream desserts in Islamabad.

Their unique Ice Cream rolls are made in front of you. You can choose from a combination of 2 flavors. There are tons of flavors to pick from.

Guilty Pleasures is located on the 3rd Floor of the Centaurus Mall Islamabad.

Nutella Naan – Naan Stop

Nutella Naan is available everywhere in Islamabad. But the Nutella Naan from Naan Stop is one of the best ones you can find.

Try their Nutella Naan with a cup of tea served at the same place.

Naan Stop is located in F-10 Markaz, opposite to Tanti Optics.

Hot Gulab Jamun – Jamil Sweets

If you are a sucker for Desi Sweets, the best one you can try are the ‘Garam Garam’ gulaab jamuns at Jamil Sweets.

These may be too sweet for some people, but if you love gulab jamuns, you should go and try out their extra large and succulent gulab jamans served warm.

Jamil sweets is located in F-10 Markaz near Standard Chartered Bank and Kitchen Cuisine.

Another one of their branches is located in Blue Area, near to D.Watson, Shaheen Chemists, and Haleem Ghar.