A Village Near Karachi that only eats Red Chillies throughout the Year to Survive

300 Kilometres North East of Karachi, lies the village of Madave Solanki in the Umerkot district of Sindh where chillies are the only bread and butter of the villagers.

Most residents of Madave Solanki eat curried, fried or pickled chillies throughout the year because other vegetables are very rare in the area.

Image: Herald
Image: Herald

And when these vegetables are available, they are usually very expensive and out of reach for the locals.

The staple food of the village is two dishes – both made out of red or green chillies.

Image: Herald

The two dishes are fried green chillies and crushed and fried red chillies. These two are eaten together or separately with the roti. Most villagers down the meal with a glass of lassi afterwards.

According to Sindh Board of Investment, the Umerkot District is responsible for producing 55% of all red chillies produced in the province.

Image: Herald

And Sindh in total is responsible for producing 85,000 tonnes of red chillies which is roughly equal to 85% of all chillies produced in entire Pakistan.

Via Herald