Transgender Activists To Build A Mosque For Transgenders in Islamabad

The transgender community of Pakistan isn’t usually seen with a straight eye. No matter what they do, they are always facing problems in life by the local or religious communities.

A transgender activists group has decided to step in and help out.

They are in the process of collecting funds to build a mosque on the outskirts of the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. This would allow the transgenders to pray without people giving them looks or calling them out with names.

They said that in a society like ours, people only think of transgenders as sex objects. So they are very against the idea of us entering a mosque to offer prayers.

Mosque Will Hold Regular Friday Prayers

When the mosque for transgenders is completed, it will hold Friday prayers where everyone will be free to join and offer the prayer.


The founder of Shemale Association for Fundamental Rights (Safar) came out and explained that they were building a mosque for transgenders because they want a safe place where they can offer prayers just like any other Muslim individual without being made fun of.

The idea is to send out a message to the community that transgender individuals are also Muslim, they too have a right to pray in a mosque, read and teach Quran or preach Islam.

 Mosque for transgenders in Indonesia

A 53-year-old transgender Shinta Ratri founded Al-Fatah Pesantren along with others at times of suffering after an earthquake hit their city. Transgenders like other people were also looking for the place to worship to get through the hard times.

The place of worship allows them to pray in peace unlike at other mosques where people would stare or refuse to sit with them. Many said that at normal mosques people will point at them and that would make them uneasy.