Traffic Violaters In Karachi Are Now Being Given E-Challans

Karachi Traffic Police was supposed to receive a new tech that would help them in controlling the traffic issues across the city by issuing E-Challans.

Now the tech has been delivered to the traffic police and the wardens have started handing these e-challans out to violators.

New ticketing machines known as the Electronic Ticket Machines (ETM) for this purpose. The machines will help police officers put in data on the spot to make sure the record is being kept as a backup in the memory of the machine.


A man posted a photo of the e-challan which quickly went viral

Just a few days ago a man was issued an E-ticket which he posted on social media and it went viral. The ticket was given to him for not wearing a seat-belt, and the fine was RS.520.

The ticket, pictured below, shows all kinds of data from information on the issue date, to traffic section, offenders name, violation time and the name of the officer who issued the ticket. Other details include vehicle type, ticket number, vehicle number and more.

The ticket is handed over to the violator while the electronic data is stored on the memory of the machine and is then saved on the servers installed at police stations.