Someone Just Tried To Blackmail Amir Khan Over ‘Sex Tape’

Pakistan-British popular boxing sensation Amir Khan just became the victim of a failed blackmail attempt when a guy claimed he had a ‘sex tape’ of him with a woman.

The story was initially posted by Daily Mail UK which stated that Hamza Din emailed Amir’s management team stating that he possessed a sex video that showed the 29 year old boxer with a woman in a hotel room in Newcastle, UK.

However, his attempt to blackmail Amir into paying money failed soon after the news was released. Din quickly ended up saying that the video didn’t exist. He was then suspended by the Bolton Crown Court.

Before the court stepped in, Din had claimed the video was 100% real and had threatened to release the video to the public and press if he wasn’t paid in cash. The price he asked for the video was not disclosed, but a source says he wanted the price to ‘match’ with the money he would get from the press.

Din created a fake email ID that got him into trouble

To blackmail Amir Khan, Hamza Din created a fake email ID with the name ‘Harry Dean’. This email ID allowed the authorities to easily track and arrest him.

His email message read:

“I have a video which may be of interest to you.

“It’s a recording of Amir Khan and a girl in a hotel room in Newcastle.

“I have hacked this video from an external source and I will be going to the media with this video unless you can match the price they are willing to pay for it.

“If you accept, the footage will be removed from my system and the external source from which I received it from.

“This video is 100 per cent real and if no reply is received within the next few days I will be selling the footage.”

Din was found guilty of Blackmailing and has been sentenced to 16 months in prison with 2 year suspension.

Khan was really upset

A statement released by Amir showed that he was really upset with the blackmailing effort. He was found saying:

I do not want anyone else to be put in a position that me and my family have been put in.

According to Judge Richard Gioserano, Din was suffering from bi-polar disorder. He said the allegation made by Din was baseless and added the words:

When Khan was told he knew that it could not be true, he was worried about the harm that the mere making of an allegation, though baseless, could cause.

Amir Khan also wanted the court to take the mental health of the blackmailer in account when sentencing him for blackmail charges.