Someone Just Sued Monal For Rs 3 Million For Not Serving On Time

A lawyer based in Rawalpindi-Islamabad just sued Monal restaurant for Rs 3 Million. The lady lawyer took the case to court when she had an argument with the management over a delayed order.

Hina Noman, the petitioner of the case claimed that the staff at Monal restaurant misbehaved with her when she complained about a meal being delayed. She said the argument cause her mental agony and embarrassment. For this, she is demanding Rs 3 Million in damages.

Hina Noman was out with her family

According to the petitioner, she was in Monal with her children and a couple of guests on April the 13th earlier this year. She had placed an order for Special Grill Family deal which comes with rice and various barbecue dishes.


She claims that the order was not delivered and she and her guests had to wait for over an hour when it finally got served. Even then she claims that the order was not according to what she had ordered.

In the petition that she sent to court, she protests that not only the order was delayed and changed, but the staff also misbehaved with her. This caused embarrassment for her in front of her guests and other customers of the restaurant.

The manager hid is name plate

When Hina tried to take the name of the manager, he hid is name plate with his hand and refused to give his full name to her.

The court has issued a notice to the management of the restaurant and has directed them to submit a reply.

She paid for the order

Jamshed Ali Khan, the counsel for Monal, has denied the allegations. He further added that if the customer wasn’t happy, why did she pay the bill?

In reply to this, Hina argued that she needed a receipt of the order to present it to the court.