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What does the word political talk show make you imagine? Here are few obvious setups that you will end up sketching based on our local understanding of the word,

  1. An anchor running a show while interviewing multiple of guest and covering various topics in a single episode.
  2. A setup moderated by a single person with guest(s) in most of the cases having heated exchanges and speaking the same old rhetoric again and again.
  3. Two different anchors with opposing views debating over political issues while having in calls from the general public or taking on-air analyst and politicians.


These are perhaps the best of the situation one can imagine when it comes to political talk shows. But a bunch of journos are breaking barriers and setting up new trends already. Taking political talk shows to an all new level and bringing back the lost ethics in journalism, Dawn News TV has this famous talk show ZARA HAT KAY hosted by veterans, Zarrar Khurro, Wusatullah Khan (BBC Urdu famed) and Mubashir Zaidi. Both Mubashir and Zarrar have long been associated with Dawn, Wusatullah Khan is a BBC Urdu journo who is well known for his Urdu columns and documentaries covering the debacles of the society and challenging dogmas.

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The show is conducted in a light mood with regular use of sarcasm for discussing taboo topics. Laughter and smiles that are a rare sight on a typical Pakistani talk show, are a regular in the case of Zara Hat Kay. Criticizing their own fraternity for being callous and covering ridiculous issues, the journos for sure have taken a bold step, one that has even brought criticism and bickering from among their own colleagues.


Zara Hat Kay Eid Specials

Discovering hidden talents and providing them a platform to discuss their ideas, Zara Hat Kay has completely changed the dynamics of Pakistani Talk Shows. It is least expected from a show being aired during prime time (8 PM to 12 AM) to air something knowledgeable. But Zara Hat Kay people have been known for their exclusiveness and initiating newer trends.

The special Eid show by ZARA HAT KAY turned out nothing short of the repo-tire the guys have for so far maintained. This time two special guest made it to the Eid editions. It was the veteran TV female actor, Saba Hameed (Family Front famed and mother of Meesha Shafi) and the Karachi Vynz (known for their Karachi v/s Lahore vynz series).

Saba Hameed extensively talked about the current scenario in Pakistan drama industry. Recalling the initial days of Zia-ul-Haq’s martial law era, she shared some of her personal experiences on how female actors and newscasters were asked to take scarfs and veils. Discussing the exposure of foreign content and deteriorating local content she remained skeptical that with new generation taking over the situation was bound to change.

Karachi Vynz’s Mansoor and Danial were also invited for the Eid edition. A surprise for a regular TV viewer though, as vynz are still considered to be part time gigs, one that are supposed to live on social media only. For the first time a Vynz group found itself seated in a show during prime time all thanks to Zara Hat Kay. Discussing how the creative young groups are ridiculed by the senior actors the duo compared the local vynz with some of the foreign ones. What was rather depressing was the group’s narration of censorship and limits they are not allowed to cross.

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Sharing personal experience of content being turned down on various platform for being too explicit and or against the interest of sponsors, both Danial and Mansoor agreed they had a tough going right from the beginning. Being the founder of the gig-group, Mansoor also narrated how he was once asked not to mimic local politicians or else be ready to face consequences. The show concluded with the participants agreeing that there was immediate need of supporting such groups while allowing more of freedom of support. A pleasant delight, one can only hope that Zara Hat Kay keeps on introducing such ventures on the silver screen.


Oh! by the way if you have not watched the show lately, you should definitely tune in or watch online, as they have brought on changes on their set. The new casual set though not much of differs from the previous formal one still creates the appearance of a café, promoting the message of open public spaces for discussion topics that affect common man.

The Show is aired from Monday to Friday at 11 PM on Dawn News with Friday being open for public calls. If you are missing on the regular episodes you can always catch them on Rava.pk. At Rava.pk you can all the latest and previous episodes of Zara Hat Kay without missing single one of them. Rava.pk brings you all the latest Pakistani talk shows and dramas online.