Shiekh Rasheed, The Original Pindi Boy Joins A Gym

It seems the fitness trend is taking Pakistani politics by a storm. We have seen several politicians portraying their fitness level on TV and social media.

Earlier last week, Imran Khan showed his fitness level by doing at least 50 push-ups on a stage on TV. Alongside him were his trusty party members who also took part in the push ups.

Now following in his footsteps, Sheikh Rasheed has decided to up his fitness game. He has just been spotted working out vigorously at the gym. Many of his supporters were there to witness this lifestyle change by Rasheed sahab.

Sheikh Rasheed is setting trends on the internet

Sheikh Rasheed became a social media sensation last week when during the political tensions, he made a dramatic entrance to committee chowk on a motorcycle. He was also seen running around the place.

Politicians aren’t the only people trending for push ups

If you recall, the push-ups trend was actually started by Pakistan test team captain Misbah-Ul-Haq. He celebrated his century by doing 10 push ups. The team followed in his footsteps and did 10 push ups each after winning a match against England.