PSO Launches Higher Quality Petrol Starting Today!

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has just launched the improved quality of petrol and HOBC. The launch was supposed to happen during this week but PSO started off today by selling the petrol to public starting today.

The price of the new RON 92 petrol is same as the current petrol prices. The upgraded petrol prices will be changed at a later date when the regulator of the petrol will announce the official prices.

However, HOBC petrol will now be sold at an even higher prices. The new price of the HOBC will go up as high as Rs 5-7 increase.

PSO has also not announced when the prices for the new petrol will be changed. But according to a spokesperson from PSO, the regulators usually update at the end of every month.

The new petrol will be sold under the name Altron Premium. Under the previous banner ‘Premier XL Gasoline’, RON 87 was sold. But now it will be under the new banner Altron Premium.

The HOBC petrol is also getting a new name. From today onwards, the HOBC will be sold under the banner name ‘Altron X High Performance’.

RON 92 is being sold in Karachi at select stations at the moment. It will be made available to the rest of the country starting this week.

RON 92 will offer better performance

PSO also intends to introduce a better form of diesel oil.