To Promote Video Games, Pakistan Will Conduct It’s Own Conference In December

Pakistan is expected to conduct its very own first ever video games conference in an attempt to boost the video games development industry in the country.

Games Emerge Conference Dates & Location

The conference will be called Games Emerge Conference (GEC) and it will be held from 2nd December to 4th December 2016 at The Hive, Islamabad. You can register by going to the official website and keep an eye on updates by following the facebook event page for the event at


The GEC will be held in the capital city of Islamabad. Through the conference, it is expected that the video games industry of Pakistan will receive its much due promotion. The conference is also set to boost creative industry in the country.

According to veteran video games developer and CEO of PixelArt Games Academy (PGA), Sadia Bashir, the video games industry in Pakistan suffers because of lack of awareness and education regarding development of games. She said:

The biggest barrier to growth of Pakistan’s video game development industry is the lack of relevant education and awareness regarding development of video games. PGA aims to overcome the educational deficit in the video games sector of Pakistan over the next decade but in order to attract sufficient pool of talent we believe events like GEC 2016 are necessary for creating awareness.


Sadia Bashir is a veteran video games developer who started out just like the rest of many popular names in the industry; by growing up playing games.

As a kid she used to visit arcades with her brothers and she instantly fell in love with video games.

When she grew up she decided to become a video game developer. But she didn’t stop there.

She now runs an academy for people who are interested in learning game development.

The conference will be a three day event

GEC will be held for three days and will include workshops, networking opportunities, industry talks, two day game jam and highlights of what the industry is currently working on.


International game developers will be present at the conference

Notable names from western games development industry will also take part in the conference. Names like Ken Levine and Jonathan Chey, Bri Code and Rami Ismail will be present.

These names belong to big name publishers like Ubisoft, Irrational Games and Vlambeer.