Pakistani Cinemas Are All Set To Bring Iranian And Turkish Films

The Pakistani Cinemas have decided to screen Turkish and Iranian films after Bollywood movies were banned from screening in the country.

The move became a necessity for cinemas because of declining film industry. Cinema owners believe that by screening films from these two countries, sales of tickets and audience level will once again increase and will help them recover from losses.

The industry was mostly surviving with the help of Bollywood movies, which are currently superior in quality compared to recently revived Pakistani cinema. Since Pakistani movies are coming out at a slow pace, cinemas are suffering losses.

Imports will begin shortly

Pakistani cinema and film distributes have already started contacting Iran and Turkey to import their movies.

These movies will be dubbed in Urdu and then will be screened in the cinema.

Given the popularity of Turkish dramas in Pakistan, the move does sound quite promising for the cinemas.


Turkey produces all kinds of films under a wide array of genres from Horror to action to comedy and drama.

Pakistani cinemas started suffering soon after the Indian content was banned

Ever since the tensions between Pakistan and India began through grenade-hurling militants raiding Uri army base near the border dividing Kashmir on September 18, Indian Motion Picture Producers Association banned Pakistani content in India as well as artists from the country.

In a response, Pakistan also banned Indian content.

Pakistan State-Run media Authority PEMRA has disallowed every channel in the country to display Indian content. Anyone not following the orders have been suspended.