Pakistani Bride Finally Made It To India Thanks To A ‘Wedding Gift’ By Sushma Swaraj

A bride from Pakistan finally got her visa to go to India for her wedding with the groom.

Priya Bachchani of Karachi was engaged to Jodhpur Lad Naresh for 3 years. Their wedding was scheduled to take place on November 7 in Jodhpur, India.

But due to delays by the Indian Embassy in granting the visa had the bride and her family worried if they would ever make it on time for the function.


With the date getting closer and the tensions rising, the groom stepped up and tweeted a request to the external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj, in India.


His tweet went viral and caused the external affairs minister to take matters into her own hand. She intervened and ordered the Indian Embassy in Pakistan to immediately issue 35 visas to the bride and her family so they can all attend the wedding.



Priya Successfully reached India

Priya and her family reached just in time for the functions. They arrived in India on 6th November and got busy in various ceremonies ahead of the wedding that was supposed to take place on Monday. Priya had the following to say:

I am very happy that everything has gone on as planned and we are enjoying the ceremonies here

The groom’s father was also very grateful for the minister’s quick response. In a statement, he added the following words:

We started preparations accordingly, right from arranging accommodation for them to sending invitation cards. But when there was a delay in obtaining visas, and we halted preparations and focused entirely on getting the same issued by the Indian embassy in Pakistan. We are happy that the same held true in our case as well, while some members of the bride’s family came through the Wagha border, others took the Thar Express