Nickelodeon’s License In Pakistan Temporarily Suspended By Pemra

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has just suspended the license of Nickelodeon for airing cartoons that are dubbed in the Hindi language.

The announcement came yesterday when PEMRA suspended the license by saying that Nikelodeon violated the orders sent to them against airing Indian content on their channel.

A statement was sent to Nickelodeon which informed it the immediate suspension of their license over the violation against the orders dispatched last month. Nickelodeon is currently held by ARY Communications in Pakistan.

The complete statement can be read below:


The orders to stop airing of Indian content was sent last month

PEMRA sent out an order to restrict Indian content on all channels in Pakistan on the 19th of October. PEMRA orders stated that Indian content was to be completely banned from any channel in Pakistan. This included radio channels as well.

In its statement, PEMRA clearly stated that anyone failing to follow the orders will have their licenses suspended. They also said that when cancelling the channel’s license, no show cause notice will be provided.

There is no indication for how long Nickelodeon will remained banned from channel spaces on satellite and cable TV.