This McDonald’s Outlet In Paris Will Make You Fall In Love With Its Unique Look

Have you ever wondered and wished for a Mcdonald’s to work on its decor? The McDonald’s in Pakistan and around the world usually follow a standard procedure when it comes to restaurant atmosphere and decor.

We have visited countless branches in Pakistan and beyond only to see the same infrastructure no matter where the outlet is based.

Your wishes for a different McDonald’s has been answered.


Somewhere in the streets of Saint Lazare, Paries, lies a hidden McDonald’s outlet between two ornate Haussmann-style buildings that will leave you breathless.

One look at the building and you instantly recognize this place was not meant to be built as a McDonald’s outlet.


But once you step in and see how different this branch of the fast food chain is, you’ll instantly fall in love with it.

Upon doing a little research, it was discovered that the building is known as the facade and was home to a restaurant called Au Roi De La Biere (The king of beer). This restaurant opened around in the tweentieth century but was later acquired by many different businesses until it landed in the hands of McDonald’s.


The Facade was deemed as a historical monument in 1977, which means the building is here to stay!

So next time you are out there in Paris, do check it out. For now, look at the images below!