McDonald’s Introduces A Nutella Burger

Love Nutella? You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world love Nutella. Seeing the popularity of the hazlenut chocolate spread, McDonald’s Italy has just added a new item to their menu, a gooey, gushing Nutella burger.

And as always, the internet has gone crazy over this new deal.

McDonalds is calling this burger the Sweety con Nutella. It’s actually more than a dessert than a burger. It’s just a lot of nutella spread inside a bun.

Although its only available in Italy right now, the entire world has started wanting it. This could make other McDonald’s outlets around the world introduce it to their menu.

Here are some of the pictures of this brand new nutella bomb.






Here’s a video of someone squeezing Nutella out of the burger. Yummy!

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