Here’s A Commandos Like Game Based In Historical Lahore You Need To Check Out

Kim is the latest game from The Secret Game Company. In this commandos like game, you play as Kim set in colonial India, Lahore.


You’ll be able to roam around hand painted locations which are procedurally generated (random maps) in the countryside.

You’ll learn to survive with your skills. You can choose foul methods or go for fair means. In Kim, you’ll meet famous characters from history and travel to several locations while uncovering their secrets.


As the player, your aim is to foresee Kim’s youth as best as you can.


In your journey, you’ll meet several characters and will be asked to make choices. Your choices will decide how the story is told. This gives the game a lot of replayability because you can see the story from different perspectives.


Features of Kim:


  • Stealth like combat – similar to classic commandos game
  • original soundtrack from Murugan Thiuchevlam
  • Choose your own adventure like story
  • Retell the story of 1880s India and Lahore
  • Survive using different means. Provide for your character by collecting items and foods.

The game is available on Steam for $24.99 (aproxx RS.2618.83)