Facebook Launches Steam Like Games Client ‘Facebook Gameroom’

Facebook suffered a lot in the games department when developers started preferring mobile phone platforms over theirs. Now in order to compete against other platforms, Facebook is giving a huge push to games on PC.

The social media giant has just launched its new client for videogames dubbed ‘Gameroom’ for windows desktop platform.

The app is openly available for all the users of Windows 7 and up and those who already have a Facebook profile.

Gameroom basically lets users play any web, mobile or native Gameroom games on their Pc without the disturbance of News Feed when playing directly on Facebook.

 Gameroom’s main competitor is Steam

Believe it or not, Facebook’s Gameroom will be directly competing against other big game clients like Steam and GOG Galaxy.

Both of the latter already offer free games on PC through a very powerful and secure client.

Furthermore, developers are already producing games to work on Valve’s Steam continuously. The real challenge for Facebook will be convincing those developers to adapt to Gameroom.


Gameroom currently offers developer 30% revenue cut on any payments made in the games. It can also connect users to main Facebook profile so they can share and play with other friends on the social network.

One thing is for sure, with Gameroom out, Steam may suffer a blow to its casual users who prefer playing with their friends. Steam does not allow users to connect with Facebook friends or post progress statuses. So with Gameroom, users will have that ability to share their progress and play together with their existing friends on Facebook.

Gameroom also offers a live chat feature that users can use to communicate with other players online


But the biggest issue is that Gameroom doesn’t download the complete game. It runs it from the web, making you wait a lot before the game starts


Gameroom is also available to users in Pakistan. Simply visit the official site to download the client and play!