Disney Releases Highly Anticipated Live Action Beauty And The Beast Trailer And Its Everything You Imagined

Disney has just released the first teaser trailer for it’s upcoming live action remake of the Beauty and the Beast film.

The live action Beauty and the Beast will hit cinemas March 17,2017. The film is best described as a ‘re-telling’ of the hugely popular 1991 animated film of the same name.


The original Beauty and the Beast movie had won 2 Oscars.


The movie according to sources will be designed for a contemporary audience but will stay true to the original music while adding a bit of new stuff on the go.


Don’t forget, the movie is being directed by Bill Condon, the man who brought you the Twilight series.


Although the director admits that the 1991 release of the animated movie was perfect, he said making a live action version of the movie is the right thing to do because the technology has finally caught up with the ideas that were introduced in the 1991 movie.