Chinese Traffic Police Is Punishing High Beam Users In A Very Unique Way

You may have noticed in almost all Pakistani cities that night, most drivers turn on their high beams and drive their cars. This has become a huge problem as traffic is increasing and more and more people are now on the roads.

In China, similar problem caused a lot traffic incidents due to drivers using high beams at night. To tackle the situation, the Chinese traffic police came with a unique way of punishing violators.

Violators are forced to sit in a chair and look at beams

In the images below, you can see violators of high beam usage are forced to sit in a special chair and watch the high beams of traffic police car for one minute. This lets them understand how much harsh high beams can be to their eyes and how it can result in a traffic incident.

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This punishment is being practiced by the traffic police in Shenzhen, Guandong.

Why Pakistan traffic police should also conduct punishment

In Pakistan, nearly every 1 in 6 cars use high beams on the road. While high beams are not allowed to be used under normal circumstances, the police takes no measure to deal with people who drive with only high beams turned on.

High beams are especially bad for the elderly.

In Pakistan, a lot of elderly people drive and they are put to extreme risk because of cars using high beams. High beams have such intensive power that can cause temporary blindness in the elderly.

Traffic police in major cities of Pakistan should start taking action against people who regularly misuse high beams. Earlier traffic police in different cities of Pakistan banned the use if LEDs in cars which cause similar blindness in drivers.

Why are people using high beams in Pakistan so regularly?

There are many reasons why Pakistanis tend to use high beams when driving their cars, some of which are listed below:

Lack of awareness – you’ll be surprised to know that many people are not even aware how much discomfort it causes to the eyes when they are exposed to high beams. They are probably thinking that high beams cause no harm.

Lack of street lights – given how street lights operate on wapda lines, load shedding can cause street lights to go off. Many of the highways in Pakistan generally lack street lights which causes people to use high beams to help them drive in pitch black darkness. Also there are very few traffic assistance lights on roads that makes it hard for the driver to find way on the on going road.

I’m the owner of this road attitude – some people unfortunately believe that using high beams constantly helps them clear the road of traffic in front of them.

Chauffeur driven cars – many car owners hire chauffeurs to drive their cars. These chauffeurs are not aware of how high beams can cause discomfort. They also never really learn the complete rules of traffic because there is very little check and balance by the police.