The Best of Mannequin Challenge Videos by Pakistanis!

The Mannequin Challenge has been going viral around the world in form of short videos where several people try to remain frozen in their places and forms while someone shoots a video of them.

Behind every video, typically ”Black Beatles” song by Rae Sremmurd is played.

The Mannequin Challenge became popular when a team of students from Jacksonville, Florida posted a video where they were all frozen on October 12, 2016.

Since then, the internet has been stormed with many videos covering the challenge. The videos done by professional athletes and sports team have been particularly good to look at because they elaborated tough and complex forms in the challenge.

Pakistan isn’t far behind when it comes to the #mannequinchallenge. Some of our own boys and girls have created pretty awesome videos. Have a look below at some of the best videos from Pakistanis on the internet.

Origins – Ready to Wear Karachi

Hush Puppies (Pakistan) EmporiumMall

British Council Pakistan

3’sCrowd Creative Agency

Karachi United – Girl’s Squad

KinetiX Gym Team Islamabad

Habib University Staff

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City Orientation 2016 students

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Club M Mannequin

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Some of the best Mannequin Challenge Videos from around the world

And here are some of the best international videos including one from the White House featuring the first lady Michelle Obama posing with the now NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers.

WWF Performance Center

Halo Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin Challenge: Late Late Show

Best Fitness Mannequin Challenge Part 1 & 2–cbg&