Apparently Eating Chocolate Cake In The Morning Can Help You Lose Weight

Cake lovers, your dreams are about to come true. Apparently, eating a slice of chocolate cake in the morning can help in weight loss. Don’t believe us? Read about the research study below to believe it.


Two recent studies have highlighted the benefits of consuming cocoa, which can be coupled with plenty of dishes to make amazing desserts.

According to the studies, eating chocolate is related to cognitive function. The study found out that eating dessert in the morning can help in weight loss because a dessert can help kill cravings especially if it is eaten in the morning.

Here are some important facts the study found out:

More frequent chocolate consumption was significantly associated with better performance on [cognitive tests including] visual-spatial memory and organisation, working memory, scanning and tracking, abstract reasoning, and the mini-mental state examination.

High levels of flavanols are also found in tea, red wine and certain fruits such as grapes and apples.

regular intake of cocoa flavanols may have a beneficial effect on cognitive function, and possibly protect against normal age-related cognitive decline


But ofcourse these benefits can easily turn against you if you mix the benefit inducing cocoa with lots of sugar and fat (oh dear, sorry about that!)

But don’t worry! Get cocoa from your local general store and start cooking low fat, low sugar desserts.

That way you will not only reap the benefits of cocoa, but will also control your cravings for sugar and desserts all together.

But if you are very serious about losing weight, adapt a lifestyle where you eat as healthy as possible.