Amazon UK Spreading Message Of Love And Peace Between Religions Via New AD

Ahead of its Black Friday offerings, Amazon UK has just released an ad promoting inter-faith friendships. The ad features an Imam and Vicar exchanging gifts.

With whats going on in the UK and US regarding immigration, this is a welcoming change from someone.

For the past few months, post-brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in presidential elections, anti-muslim incidents are on the rise in western countries at an alarming pace.

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The ad by Amazon will be released in multiple locations including the US, UK and Germany where these incidents are on the rise. The online super store had something to say as they prepared to release the ad:

Our casting reflects this:  the gentleman playing the vicar is a practicing vicar in London, the gentleman playing the imam is a devout Muslim and the principal of a Muslim school. We used an actual church and mosque for our scenes within the places of worship.

The emotional story in the ad aims to connect people of the two faiths

The ad shows the story of a Muslim Imam and a Christian Vicar who are lifelong friends. Due to age constraints, both are suffering from bad knees.

When these two meet, both of them notice how weak each other knees have become.

When the Imam leaves the home of the vicar, they can both be seen ordering knee pads from Amazon Prime and sending them as gifts to each other.