5 Habits You Can Adapt Today For Better Productivity

Who doesn’t deserve an unproductive session after a tiring day or weekend. But sometimes these brief moments of relaxation can extend to a point where our basic productivity is destroyed.

A stroll through Facebook feed turns into hours of stalking and checking unnecessary links become a habit as we start doing this every day.

Why not turn your relaxation period into something that offers you benefit instead?

If you are constantly losing focus because of your bad habits during work, we are here to help you substitute those habits with the good ones. At the least, these habits will equip you with knowledge, ultimately increasing your productivity.

1. Refine your news feed


Love going through your newsfeed in Facebook? Try refining your news feed by following people in your industry who are influencers.

This way you will have a lot of content on your Facebook feed which will give you countless stream of knowledge.

Stop going through useless statuses and other forms of content that is designed to waste time. Switch to content that gives you something knowledgable in return.

2. Watch educational videos

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YouTube offers millions of videos in a single place. These videos are both educational, fun and at times, completely absurd.

If you love watching videos, turn to your search bar and start looking for ‘How to videos’ or videos that educate you in your field.

3. Stop going through countless web pages


Going through countless websites with content that is designed to help you get rid of boredom will only help you waste time.

By reading, looking or discussing this content, you are wasting energy on something that has no return value for you except entertainment.

Opt for web pages that cover topics from your industry. Read news, discussions, views and other forms of content that somehow influence your work.

If you are trying to shift focus from work into something else, do so by reading influential and success stories.

4. Don’t be hypnotized by online shops


Love going through online shops and fantasising on getting things you don’t need or won’t ever be able to get?

If this is your kind of addiction, try to shift your focus on the things you really, really need and can easily buy. Place an order and move on.

5. Turn to educational games


We all love going through short sessions of candy crush saga whenever we get the time. Games like these are designed to basically, make you succumb to a game until you decide to pay them cash for a feature in a game.

Move on to educational games instead. There is a website that lets you play games that sharpen your mind. Why not try Luminosity instead?


Adapting these habits will without any doubt increase your productivity because you will now be spending most of your time gaining knowledge which can be used in your professional and personal life.

As for entertainment, there is always time after work!