26 Time Management Hacks To Increase Productivity And Save Time For Fun

Time management is one of the toughest things you’ll face in your professional and personal life.

Without proper time management, you not only put your life at risk of becoming completely empty and lifeless, but you also tend to lose connection with your friends and family over time.

In Pakistan, 9-5 jobs usually mean an extra hour or so every day and sometimes weekends are on. In this scenario, you have no choice but to cleverly manage your time so you can have the best of both worlds.

Many of you may have learned good time management skills by trial and error. But for those of you who are new to professional life and are clueless on how to make the best out of your time, this post will help out a lot.

Below are 26 slides created by Etinne Garbugli, a product and marketing consultant and author of ‘Learn B2B: Build Products Businesses Want’. These slides give you the perfect advice on how to manage your time.

The original work can be seen on SlideShare.

Some of us wish we’d knew these hacks when we started out.


Setting your priorities are definitely a great start to time management. Wipe out the things from your schedule that can be done later.


9-5 doesn’t mean you have to work 8 hours. Take small breaks but make sure all your work is done within the 4-5 hours you set.


We all have those days. Don’t worry, take some time to relax when you just can’t get other things out of your mind.


Exactly, don’t waste time. Time is money friend.


When you have several tasks at hand, put them on a piece of paper with priority tasks on the top and other tasks at the end. Then start focusing on the first task and do not let your mind wander to the second task until you’re done with the first.


And follow it religiously.


Set realistic goals and make sure you achieve them within the time you set. It creates urgency and sense of urgency gets stuff done.


Whichever things you can do first and quick, get them done first and quick.


Don’t waste time getting things done perfectly. Many of your superiors will not notice the minute details you put in.


Again, set time limit for work and get your best work mode on during these hours.


Leave the donkey work for the last


Set your meetings in the morning when you are fresh and ready to talk your mind.


Limit your meetings to emails and other forms of communication to save time.


Again, focus on what you are doing, don’t wander around too much.


You can always procrastinate during work but don’t allow yourself to become hopelessly lost in it.


When a big goal is in front of you, slash it down to small ones and then try to achieve it


Priorities again!


Don’t be afraid to not ‘give your best’ to tasks that aren’t important. Chill and work.


Again, big goals, slash them and work.


Don’t be afraid to teach your trusty side kick to work like you. They’ll only be able to help you save time when you delegate the easy stuff.


Never linger in the past. Think positive, think for tomorrow.


Deadlines create urgency, sense of urgency gets you working. Create them accordingly with all tasks.


Goals! Goals! Goals!


Apps are good when you can’t keep track of pen and paper.


An excellent way to stop random procrastination sessions.


Yep, impress your boss, then take a break like a boss.