What’s The Main Difference Between Bin Roye Film And Bin Roye Drama Serial?

Mahira Khan and Hamayun Saeed starrer Pakistani movie Bin Roye was released in cinemas in 2015. The drama-romance movie was a successful venture in both domestic and international box offices. Now the movie is being adapted for TV and will be aired on Hum TV through 20 episodes.

The first episode of the Bin Roye drama was aired on Sunday 8:00 PM on Hum TV. But for those of you have already seen the movie in the cinema, is it worth going back since you know the plot and characters?


According to the cast and the director Momina Duraid, yes it is worth visiting back. Here are the major differences you will see in the drama compared to the movie:

The Drama Will Fill All The Loopholes

If you found a lot of loopholes in the original movie, you’ll be glad to know that the drama will answer all your questions through an extended plot. You’ll see extended scenes that weren’t part of the movie and as well as new scenes made exclusively for the drama to help you answer all your questions regarding plot loopholes.


Increased Airtime

The Bin Roye movie suffered from a lot of shots and scenes being canceled simply because of the lack of time. The drama serial will allow directors to cover more story and help develop emotional connection between the characters and the audience. The characters in the movie failed to emotionally connect with the audience due to lack of time.

Additionally, support characters like Irtiza, Saba and Saman will be introduced to the audience in a very different manner compared to the movie.


Deeper Plot

Bin Roye was an extremely fast paced movie that went from fun to gloomy within a very short span of time. Through the drama, the director aims to bring out more entertainment factor thanks to increased airtime.

Surprise Cameos

According to the director of the movie, the drama will feature various cameos from the industry. You will catch them around in the middle of the series.


Bottom line

If you enjoyed the Bin Roye film, you should definitely make an effort to watch the drama serial because it will be packed with more entertainment and a lot of loop holes will be answered.

Catch Bin Roye drama every Sunday 8:00 PM on Hum TV. A repeat telecast will also be played every Monday at 5:50 PM.