Watch: Here’s Your First Look At Logan (Wolverine 3)

There really hasn’t been any footage or screen details about the third and last Wolverine movie until now.

Marvel just released the official trailer for Logan, otherwise known as Wolverine 3.

The trailer shows huge changes in character appearances from the rest of the movies. We see Logan as an old man in a world where mutants are mostly gone.

Charles Xavier can also be seen in the movie once again at the side of Wolverine. This time, both mutants are protecting a female child from the bad guys. This child is none other than X-23, a female clone of Logan and also the current star of Wolverine comic book series.


Logan follows the story of Old Man Logan

From the trailer, it seems the plot is loosely based on the story of Old Man Logan, a series released in 2008 and written by Mark Miller, the same man behind the Civil War.


While trying to live a quiet life, peacefully somewhere with his family, but that doesn’t last too long. His unique abilities and skills are once again required for one last job. This forces him to meet both old friends and enemies.


Logan is R-Rated

In the trailer above, you probably may have been disappointed to see nothing related to R-Rated content. It was announced previously that the last Wolverine movie will follow under the steps of extremely successful R-Rated Deadpool movie. 


And it seems they’ve definitely kept their promise. Watch the extended trailer below from 1:20 onwards to see some R-Rated violence.

Logan will be released worldwide on the 3rd of March, 2017.