Uber Riskshaws Is Now Real In Pakistan

Uber Technologies recently started their operations in Pakistan with their on demand taxi app. Now the company has formally launched UberAUTO in Lahore.

UberAuto allows consumers to call rickshaws on demand.

It has only been 8 months since the service was launched in Pakistan. And as soon as it began operations in the country, it started facing intense competition from similar services. Careem, another taxi service has been the main competition of Uber, but several other small local services have launched that are utilizing rickshaws and even motorcycles to offer rides to consumers.

UberAuto’s main aim is to provide low cost taxi services. For its car services the charges were anywhere from RS 15-20 per KM. But with the rickshaws, this cost has been brought down to as low as RS 4 per KM.

Uber is extremely happy with the response in Pakistan

In an official statement released by Uber, they expressed their pleasure at the great response received from the public for their unmatched taxi services. This forced them to expand further in the country.

The strong response by the Pakistani market has forced the company to aggressively pursue its plan to develop its business even further and provide riders and drivers more opportunities to experience convenience

The pricing structure of UberAUTO

According to the company, the auto service is around 45% cheaper than the current prices being offered on standard taxi services.

The base price of calling a rickshaw is RS 45 with a fare of RS 4 per KM. And if you decide to make your rickshaw ride wait while you shop, the applied rate is RS 1 per minute.

Rickshaw drivers aren’t really that satisfied with the rates


According to the statistics acquired by Uber, a typical rickshaw ride from them costs around RS 109. Rickshaw drivers in Lahore mostly charge around Rs. 250 for the same distance.

Uber is currently getting rickshaws registered, but drivers are saying that they will only register if it is economical for them.

However Uber believes that registering under them will greatly benefit Rickshaw drivers because they are likely going to find a lot of customers through the application Vs. picking customers from the roadside.

Starting from Monday this week, you can avail a free ride using the UberAUTO app. The free ride week will end on Sunday.