Someone Made A Handbag From Actual Cat

An artist from New Zealand just turned a real cat into a handbag and listed it on an online marketplace for sale.

The handbag, priced at $1,400 is literally made out of real cat. As soon as it was listed, it went viral over the internet. Apparently the bag was sold for $545 but the controversy it created caught the eyes of millions of people.

The artist, Claire Third, insisted that it was a piece of art. She explained she turned the cat into a bag because it had an irresistible face and the rest of it was squashed.


Third then went on to say that she had utmost respect for animals and also owns two pets at her residence. She has a two parts Yorkshire terrier and a part poodle.

She insisted that she doesn’t kill animals for her work. She doesn’t go around looking for animals to turn them into bags.

She turned this cat into a bag because she found her road killed. She took the cat home and froze her for three months and posted on a local board for missing pets. When no one came to claim the cat for their own, she turned it into artwork, basically ‘a bag’.


Third said that she spent 300 hours creating the bag and was not expecting negative response from the public against her artistic creation.

Claire has created more stuff out of real animals. Have a look at the video below to see more of her work.