PSO To Renew Diesel Alongside Petrol

Pakistan State Oil is all set to introduce an environment friendly version of the diesel in January 2017. This will give everyone using a diesel vehicle a better driving experience.

According to PSO Managing Director Sheikh Imranul Haque, the sulfur content in the new diesel will be around 90% lower than the one we are currently using. This is going to be a huge leap from what we are using right now.

Internationally, especially in Japan, car manufacturing companies have already released vehicles with the Euro-II engines. These require the new diesel to operate. The new diesel not only reduce the pollution, but also helps in meeting higher emission standards.

PSO is also ready to start receiving the country’s first ever RON 90 petrol shipment. The new petrol will give cars better performance.The firm will strictly be selling RON 90 petrol after it receives the first shipment. The previous petrol, RON 87 will be terminated from the market as time passes by.

The new petrol may even be sold at a premium price. The pricing isn’t confirmed but the new petrol is definitely more costly than the current version.

The new prices for the new diesel is also not confirmed yet.