Pakistani Note 7 Owners Can Finally Exchange Their Phones

Here’s some sweet news for Galaxy Note 7 owners in Pakistan. After the worldwide recall of ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 phones, Samsung has brought the exchange program to Pakistan.

The good news is that you can get the phone exchanged even if you got it from a local vendor or abroad. Note 7 was never officially launched in Pakistan.

Right now, there are two options available to you as a Note 7 owner.

Get all your money back

You can get a full refund of Galaxy Note 7 if you can provide proof of purchase. You are going to need a receipt from where you bought the phone from. If you somehow lost your receipt, get in touch with the vendor and get a copy.

You can also get a refund if you do not have a receipt or any kind of proof of purchase. But then you’ll get a fixed amount which is currently $817.

Get it exchanged with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


If you don’t want your money back, you can also get your Note 7 exchanged with a Galaxy S7 edge phone. Samsung will return you RS 10,000 if you plan an exchange.

You must contact your retailer to obtain this exchange. Keep in mind that the exchange can take some time to happen.

You could also wait for another possible option

Today Samsung also announced that it will allow people to exchange their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones with Samsung Galaxy S8 phones. The new S8 phones will launch next year. This offer is currently only available in Korea, but considering the nature of the company, the offer could be extended to other countries.