Its Official, Higher Quality Petrol Will Replace Current Petrol In Pakistan Very Soon

Did you know Pakistan has been using low standard petrol? The petrol being used by all fuel stations in Pakistan is RON 87, which is a low quality petrol. The only country using this petrol besides Pakistan is Somalia.

In order to change this, the Pakistan government has awarded contracts to petroleum stations to import the RON 92 petrol which is the most common petrol used in most countries.

PSO will be the first pump to sell RON 92 petrol


Research Octane Number 92 (RON 92) will reach Pakistan at the end of October. It will go on sale in November.

The quality of the petrol is judged by the amount of octane in it. In simple words, the higher the number of octane in the petrol, the better your car performs.

RON 92 will have a different price

Being higher quality in nature, RON 92 has a different sale price compared to RON 87. But this price difference is not significant to scare away the common user. Right now, if both forms of petrol are compared, the price difference is approx. RS 2.70 per liter.

This isn’t the final difference since there are other factors which can influence the price of petrol.

Will your vehicle benefit from RON 92 petrol?


Absolutely! RON 92 is designed for the modern vehicle. Most new vehicle are installed with engines that require at least RON 92 quality petrol to give out their full performance.

Expect to see better mileage and overall performance of your car.

Currently the only other high quality petrol available in Pakistan is HOBC which is RON 97. But the price difference between RON 97 and RON 87 is steep. This causes many vehicle owners to stick to RON 87 instead.

With RON 92, you will not have to use HOBC to get the best out of your vehicle.