Nintendo Unveils Its Newest Console – The Nintendo Switch And It Looks Like A Big Deal

After many months of speculation and rumours, Nintendo has finally come forward to unveil its newest console. Formerly known as the Nintendo NX, The Nintendo Switch has finally been revealed to the world.

What is the Nintendo Switch?

If you’ve been wondering what the Nintendo Switch is, let us try to explain.


Nintendo Switch is a new home and handheld console combined. Nintendo tried to apply the same concept on Nintendo Wii by giving gamers a tablet like controller, but it seems like the idea didn’t work out too well.

To us, it seems like the Switch is an extension and improvement on that very basic concept.


The Switch is simple. It allows you to play your favorite video games on both HDTVs and on a small handheld screen. When you want to play on a TV, you connect it to a docking station and take out the attachable controller from the screen and play like just any other controller. If you feel like you need to move to another place, simply undock the console, attach the controllers back to the screen and you’re ready to go and play on the go.


The best bit about this is that the games are seamlessly transferred from one screen to another without disturbing play.

There are still many questions left unanswered

The trailer above may have showed what the console is capable of. But it fails to tell the exact release date, the specifications of the console and the price.

Expert reports suggest that the console will be weaker in power when compared to the titanic PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


We also don’t know how much battery time the handheld screen will give us when fully charged.

The initial games lineup is also a mystery. But Nintendo is already working on a new Zelda game ‘Breath of the Wild’ and an unannounced Mario Game and a new Mario Kart and Splatoon game.


Earlier today Epic Games confirmed that their popular video game engine technology ‘Unreal 4’ will have support for the new console. Which means any game made using that engine will be supported on the Switch.


More unanswered questions by the industry includes whether the screen of the console itself be a touchscreen or not. Will it be backward compatible with Nintendo Wii or other of Nintendo’s consoles? Will it have internal storage? Will you be able to stream videos on it?

Can the Nintendo Switch undo the failure of what Nintendo Wii hoped to achieve? The trailer certainly looks like Nintendo has worked really hard to bring the idea to life. But only time will tell.

Below is a chart of Nintendo’s console success throughout the years.


Nintendo’s Success relies a lot on third party developers


When the Nintendo Wii was released, a lot of big third party developers gave up development on the console. This was a huge blow to the console because it had a very small library of exclusive Nintendo titles only. Very few third party games ever made it to the Wii.


Nintendo is hoping to change that with the Switch. Already big third party developers and publishers have shown interest. Even Ubisoft, one of the very first companies to abandon the Nintendo Wii has shown interest in the Nintendo Switch.

Let’s hope Nintendo can attract these big publishers to develop for the Switch, otherwise it may face the same fate as the Wii.