A MNA Wants Pakistani Cricketers To Stop Celebrating With Push-Ups

A parliamentary committee showed concerns over the way Pakistani cricketers celebrated their victory during the matches.

Mr Rana Afzal beloning to Pakistan Muslim League particularly raised the issue refraining the players from celebrating with push-ups. He insisted, instead of push-ups, Pakistani players should do sajda or offer nafl players.

This mode of celebrating has been quite popular amongst Pakistani players for as long as you can remember. Until recently, Pakistan did push-ups to celebrate their victory against England.

This was apparently a signal to Pak Army jawaans who trained the team before they went on to the tour.

PMN-L MNA also said that cricket is a gentlemen’s game and the act of push-ups after the victory does not reflect its nature. He also went on to say that this kind of celebration sends out a negative image of Pakistan.

We beg to differ.

When Pakistan celebrated through push-ups, they were appreciated around the world. The celebration went quickly viral on social media and news channels across the world citing this celebration as one of the best ways to express one’s victory.

In response to this, Najam Sethi said that push-ups are no longer part of celebrations amongst Pakistani cricketers. He insisted that this celebration only happened during the England tour.

The trend started when Pakistani captain Misbahul Haq scored a century and celebrated with 10 push-ups which he had promised to the jawaans back in the base.