Lahore To Be Beautified In The Coming Months

The PHA is all set to beautify the capital city of Punjab. According to the authority, a new project is being initialized which will see Lahore getting beautified in the upcoming months.

Around 5 gardens will be brought to life around the major five flyovers that come along the route of Metro Bus.

Azadi flyover
Azadi flyover

The gardens set to built will be placed around Muslim Town flyover, Azadi Flyover, MAO College flyover with an estimate costs of RS 54 million.

The bidding for the project has already begun and the authorities are planning to get these gardens installed quickly.

LDA has transferred funds to PHA

According to a spokesperson from Lahore Development Authority, funds for the beautifying project has already been given to PHA. Now they have invited tenders to start the development as soon as the bidding process ends.

Muslim town flyover

Benches are also going to be placed next to the gardens where citizens can freely sit and spend time.

According to PHA, this will also solve the problem of illegal parking issues and encroachments which are plenty around the area.

No time line for the completion of the projects have been given. The traffic police is reportedly also playing a part in these projects. They will inspect main boulevard Gulberg, Jail Road and Ferozpur Road for footpaths, diggings, removal of debris and installing sign boards wherever necessary.

MAO college flyover
MAO college flyover

The gardens will be especially visible from the Metro bus because they are being installed on the flyovers that come under the route of the bus. So if you travel through Metro frequently, you will see these gardens on a daily basis. The authorities hope it will give the citizens travelling the bus service a ‘pleasant feeling’.