The Galaxy Note 7 Is Officially Dead

Following month-long controversy over exploding Galaxy Note 7s, Samsung has finally announced that it is discontinuing the production of Note 7 phones.

For you, this means that there will no longer be a Note 7 phone anymore.

In a statement released today, Samsung said it values customer safety on the top of their priority list. Following the defective battery issues, they first recalled all the phones and offered replacements.

But after just a few weeks of replacement, ‘Safe to Use’ marked phones started producing the same issues. During the last week, as many as 7 replacement sets caught fire.

A worldwide recall has been issued

Samsung has officially asked all carriers and retailers to recall the Note 7 phones. Users are urged to shut off their phone and return them to wherever they got the phone from.

Carriers have also issued letters to users of Galaxy Note 7 urging them to return the set and get another one of the same value.

The cause of the issue is still a mystery. Some believe the fault occurred within one of Samsung’s partner companies working on the phone.

Analysts believe that the recall and complete production shut down of the phone will cost Samsung around $17 billion.