Facebook Introduces Food Ordering From Within Restaurant Page

Facebook is constantly working to improve their social media platform. Recently the social media giant introduced a marketplace module that allows people to sell goods from within Facebook.

Now they are adding new features which will allow people to buy movie tickets, book and appointment and even order food from directly a restaurant’s Facebook Page.

The new tools were added for both users and page owners on Wednesday. It allows business owners to link their menu with the new feature which then the users can use to order directly from Facebook.


For example, if someone feels like having a pizza, they can order online buy simply pressing  ‘order now’ from the Facebook page of the restaurant. But this feature is part of delivery.com or Slice in the U.S. If the restaurant is not signed with either site, they won’t be able to use the feature.

Other merchants can confirm business deals from messenger

Other merchants where a customer needs to book an appointment includes a bit of manual work from the business site. For example, if someone needs to book an appointment with the doctor, they would first go to the page of the doctor and press the ‘book appointment’ button. The page manager will then confirm the appointment via Facebook messenger.

Feature to buy movie tickets has also been added. Facebook partnered with Fandango to sell tickets directly through Facebook.

Potential in Pakistan

Pakistan is already enjoying most of the features the rest of the world is enjoying on Facebook. There is only very little time until Facebook introduces these new features to Pakistani public.

But since Facebook has had to sign partnership deals with other companies to confirm booking, purchase of tickets and ordering a meal, we can only wonder who will get the partnership in Pakistan.

For online delivery in Pakistan, Food Panda and Eat Oye are already enjoying thousands of orders every month. For movie tickets, cinepax has an online system where users can confirm and buy tickets online.

For other merchants however, there is no solid platform available in Pakistan yet.