Facebook To Bring Prisma Like Filters To Video With A New App

When Prisma was released, it made a huge splash all over the internet with its amazing cloud AI-Powered effects inside a simple photo application.


But it looks like Prisma won’t be the only application with AI-powered effects anymore because the social media giant, Facebook has just set out to bring out its own application that works the same way.


In a recent interview to The Wall Street Journal WSJDLive conference, the chief product officer of Facebook, Chris Cox demonstrated an application that Facebook has been working on in the background. The new application applies similar effects to a live video like Prisma.

Introducing the Style Transfer application

Facebook hasn’t officially announced it yet, but it is calling its new application the Style Transfer app. It kind of mimics the style of painters to transform your footage.

The difference from Prisma? Speed!

You may have noticed that Prisma can take up to a few seconds to apply your favorite filter to a photo or video, whereas the Style Transfer app works in real time. That’s right, you can apply the filter and record a video while watching it live, in real time.


To demonstrate what the app is capable of, Cox showed a full music video made with the Style Transfer. Here’s a look at the video:

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook also released a small homemade video using the Style Transfer app which can be seen below:

[fbvideo url=”http://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10103204449698911″]

The filters on the application are still prototypes according to Cox. He didn’t specify when the application will be made available or whether they are just going to apply these filters to Facebook Live streaming platform.

Facebook will release more information on the new app or filters for live streaming in the coming days. Keep in touch for more updates later.