A Clown Terrorizing People In WhiteHaven Was Chased By A Man Dressed As Batman

You may have heard how some people in the United States and a few other countries are dressing up as terrifying clowns and scaring away local public at night time. These clown sightings have become very common recently as more and more clowns are being sighted every night.

The local law enforcement authorities have been unable to deal with the clown sightings in most places including South Carolina, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Ohio, Kentucky and Arizona.

Where the police fails, there’s always a superhero to save the people.

Man dressed as Batman decides to deal with the clown sightings

A clown terrorizing locals in the Georgian Town of Whitehaven situated in the west coast of Cumbria, UK, has found a himself a new enemy.

A man belonging to a local group known as ‘Cumbria Superheroes’ decided to dress up as Batman and patrol the streets of the town at night.

Here’s what Batman himself had to say about the clowns:

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Local Batman was also captured chasing the clown in Pictures

If you thought this Batman was only talks, watch the image below. He has already successfully chased away a clown.



Following this, local Batman has received many ‘Thank you’ messages from children in the town.


In any case, this is going to be one hell of fun halloween. We could see more people dressing up as Batman to take care of the clown situation that has been plaguing many different places.