Ayesha Mumtaz ‘The Mighty Food Hygiene’ Inspector Reportedly Sacked From Her Job

The director of Punjab Food Authority, Ayesha Mumtaz has been reportedly sacked from her position.

A source close to the authority confirmed that Ayesha and her seniors were engaged in an argument when she raised concerns over a couple of sealed restaurants resuming their business despite being strictly prohibited to operate.

After a long tug of war, the seniors at the PFA decided to remove her from the position.

Ayesha Mumtaz denies being sacked

According to Ayesha Mumtaz, she had no arguments with senior officers. She said she has applied for an extended 104 days personal leave to engage in personal matters.

Mumtaz rose to fame on the internet and was frequently featured on the news because of her strict measures against restaurants in the capital city of Punjab. She relentlessly banned restaurants from operating due to poor hygienic conditions.

Previously she came under fire from a group of owners of restaurants she sealed due to posting their pictures on Facebook. Ever since she has been on and off from duty.

According to the sources close to PFA, Rafia Haider has now taken charge of Director Operations Punjab Food Authority.

PFA has not commented on the news of Ayesha being removed from her position.