Apply Vicks On This Secret Spot And Get Instant Cough Relief

The season is quickly changing and it’s bringing viral diseases with it. Chances are you are already suffering from flu, high temperature or cough.

If cough is the issue, we’ve got your back. Grab a bottle of the good old Vicks Vapor Rub and get ready to soothe your cold and cough.

Applying Vicks To A Secret Spot In Your Feet gives You Instant Cough Relief


Vicks vapor rub is a popular cold and cough relief ointment that has been used to relieve cold and coughs for many years. But little did people know that applying it on the soles of the feet can give you instant cough relief.

But how true is this?

The word of applying vaporub on your feet to get instant cough relief spread on the internet back in 2007. Ever since the authenticity of this has been questioned.

The idea is to apply the ointment on the sole of your feet at night, wear socks and go to sleep. But some people believe this is just myth. Here’s what experts have to say.

Dr. Lynne Jordan who is a psychologist agrees that this method may actually work in a lot of people. This is because applying vaporub on the sole of your feet provides immense stress relief. When stress is relieved, you may automatically see an improvement in your cough problem.

Try the method and let us know. We did the same and it actually did work for us.

But if your cough persists with the following attributes, make sure you visit your doctor:

  • The cough lasting for more than 4 days
  • It causes difficulty in breathing
  • It makes swallowing difficult
  • You experience immense fatigue
  • The cough is very wet and productive