Ali Gul Pir To Collaborate With SomeWhatSuper For A New Song

Rising tensions between Pakistan and India has already caused a lot of stir in the entertainment industry of both the nations. Superstars from across the border and in the country are exchanging remarks over the situation.

Both countries have also resorted to reducing airtime for each other’s content. A recent announcement by PEMRA warned channels of giving additional airtime to Indian media.

Now Pakistani Rapper Ali Gul Pir, best known for his hit song Waderai Ka Beta is all set to return with a song that will speak about the tensions of the two countries.

Ali Gul Pir is challenging Modi to a rap battle


The upcoming song, ‘Modi teri m**’ is an open challenge to Modi to a rap battle. Ali thinks it is better not to wage war, he wants to settle things through a rap battle. He expects India to respond with a rap song of their own.

According to an interview, Ali said that the Pakistan-India tensions have nothing to do with the people of the two countries. He believes it is the mindset of Modi that is causing these issues. He wants to speak to him and people like Adnan Sami and Anupam Kher who passionately support Modi’s stance.

Will the song cause more tensions between the two countries?

According to Ali, the song isn’t something that will cause more tensions between the two countries. Before finalising the song, he let his Indian friends listen to it and their response was not filled with anger. Instead it gave them a feeling that war isn’t the answer.

The song will carry a satirical tone and will avoid hatred and violence.

The song ‘Modi Teri M**’ is basically Ali’s way of being vocal about the issue. He said that a lot of celebrities in Pakistan are being silent over the issue while the neighbouring celebrities have mostly been vocal. He wants to channel is feelings through the song.

Modi Teri M** will be a different song


Ali Gul Pir is collaborating with SomeWhatSuper, an electronic music band from Lahore. SWS does electronic music with a desi touch which attracted Ali a lot since he pretty much does the same. Below you can listen to a couple of songs by SomeWhatSuper.

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Modi Teri M** will be released coming Sunday. Keep following us for updates.