These 6 Pictures Perfectly Summarizes What Its Like To Be A Freelancer Vs. Full Time Employee

The ever increasing power of the internet has enabled accelerated growth of freelancing. According to a recent survey, freelance jobs are growing at a significant rate in Pakistan and the country has become one of the top freelancing countries in the world.

If you’re a full time employee in Pakistan, chances are you’ve met at least one freelancer who inspires you to get into the freelance industry. The same can be said for freelancers, many of whom want to revert to a full time job.

If you’re considering a switch but haven’t reached a final decision, Caisa Nilaseca, a designer has created 6 illustrations which perfectly shows you how its like to be a freelancer or full time employee. These images will help you decide when choosing or switching between two styles of earning.

Showering schedules


Colleagues / social life


Work schedule


The Bosses


Working overtime


General Schedule


Do you agree with these illustrations? Want to add some of your own? Let us know in the comment section below!