3 Important Stretches To Perform If You Sit All Day

Here’s the thing, when you sit for prolonged periods of time, your body slumps down, metabolism slows and you start to spread.

For those of you who sit all day during your work time, the damage in the long term can be extreme. When you sit down, your entire body is supported by your hips and back. The pressure is also taken by your knees and in the long run, you expose your body to greater damage. Your muscles weaken, your joints start aching and your flexibility becomes less and less.

If you want to avoid radical damage to your body from sitting, you need to stretch. We have selected three of the simplest stretches you can do in less than 5 minutes to make sure the damage is reduced.

Consider doing regular physical activity with these stretches to have a healthy and strong body in the long run.

Stretch#1 – Stand Up After Every 30 Minutes

Just standing is enough to give your body the breathing air it needs. It is scientifically proven that by just standing, you can:

  • Lower the risk of gaining weight
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Reduce back ache
  • Improve mood and energy levels
  • Boost Productivity
  • Add more years to your life

Stretch#2 – Squeeze Shoulder Blades Back

Squeezing your shoulder blades is very important for maintaining a strong and straight posture. The exercise also helps your peck muscles. If you exercise regularly, this stretch can help you do tough exercises like squatting and bench pressing easily.

Stretch#3 – Lean Back By Holding On To Something

Leaning back stretches your back muscles giving your spine relief and making sure that your lower back stays strong. Lower back receives the most stress when you are sitting.

Perform these three stretches everyday on work and you will reduce the risk of running into chronic pain and other health problems of sitting for prolonged periods.