150 ‘Spy’ Pigeons Were Seized By The Indian Police In Occupied Kashmir

Around 150 pigeons were captured last night by the Indian Police in Jammu, India-Held Kashmir. According to the police, they were allegedly being smuggled for the purpose of conducting a spy mission.

The spokesperson from the Police, Sachin Gupta said that the pigeons have been given away to a non-government organisation called Save Animals Environment (SAVE). Here’s what he had to say in the official statement:

On the night of 6th October, during security checking at Vikram Chowk, 150 pigeons were seized from a car. The pigeons were packed in a box cruelly and were also dehydrated. They were rescued under Cruelty to Animal Act and have been handed over to a NGO for their safe custody,” said Gupta on Saturday (October 15).

SAVE however, had something else to say about the pigeons

According to the spokesperson of the SAVE NGO, the pigeons carried ribbons around their claws which aroused suspicion. Here’s what they had to say:

We became suspicious when we saw that some pigeons had rings in their claws. Rings were in blue, red, white, green colours and some were having double rings. Wings of maximum pigeons were clipped and half were having safety pins and were attached with thread

Following this statement, the DC has issued a thorough investigation into the issue. Now the pigeons will be released after this investigation has been completed.

What do you have to say about this? Isn’t India taking the whole pigeons business a bit too seriously?